My name is Lena Rammi, some friends call me Kolenka.


I was born in Leningrad, USSR. Currently live and create in Stockholm, Sweden.


Started to draw since got a skill of keeping pencil in my hand I continue to develop the way of creating.


During my education in Saint-Petersburg University of Technology and Design, I’ve met a few talented and wise teachers who helped me to open my eyes to the view of the world and free hands to be able to deliver it.


At 2004, I was living and working in Namibia for a few months. That was the next strongest and giddy turnabout in my world-view. Surrounding world, its lines and shapes became a real source of inspiration.  Just to breathe in, perceive and listen appeared to be enough to have something inside to express.


My graphic is simple and laconic. Black and white. Sometimes with colours. It is always inspirations of places and times… However, lines and spots hide known shapes, remind of something close. Some action is going on hiding in a lines of trees, in a shades of stones. Often it is a very personal and intimate.


And new impressions and experience cannot find a room only in graphical form and flow out to video art. I has started with short stop-motion animated music videos and today I participate in diverse music and theatre performances, adding emotions with visuals and bringing more feeling and senses to the audience.


My video works is also laconic as my graphic. Using just simple animation and pictures of surroundings, I’m telling the story about my world perception, about what I see around and feel.


Now I work a lot with theaters and my own performances, continue to paint and draw.


Welcome to my world!